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Apple Varieties:

Apple Season Description Uses
Paula Red Mid August Medium size, white flesh.  Slightly tart.  Soft when baked. Fresh eating, pies and sauce
Whitney Crab Mid August Small size, red cheeks, sweet and crisp. Fresh eating and canning
Zestar Mid August Mid-August Description: Medium size. Crisp & juicy, with a great sweet/tart balance. Fresh eating
Granny Greening Early September Large size, green, very firm and tart.   Holds shape when baked.  Will sweeten with age. Excellent pies and baking
Wealthy Early September Medium size, slightly tart. Fresh eating, pies and sauce
Wolf River Early September Large, squat shaped fruit.  Slightly tart.  Holds soft shape when cooked. Excellent pies and sauce
McIntosh Mid September Nearly solid red, round in shape.   Excellent flavor.  Soft when cooked. Fresh eating, pies and excellent sauce
Empire Mid September Medium size, very crisp flesh. Fresh eating
Honey Crisp Mid September Medium to large size.  Crisp, juicy - sweet/tart. Fresh eating
Jonagold Mid September Medium size.  Excellent flavor.  Sweet. Fresh eating
Cortland Late September White flesh.  Slightly tart, crisp.   Great for pies.  Holds soft shape when baked. Fresh eating, pies, sauce and baking
Sweet 16 Late September Very sweet, juicy with tender flesh. Fresh eating, sauces with no added sugar needed
Macoun Late September Crisp, extra sweet, aromatic & juicy. Perfect with cheese and wine! Eating, sauce & salads
Regent Early October Nice Sweet tart flavor.  Crisp Fresh eating, sauces
Fireside Mid October Large fruit.  Solid, sweet fruit.  Very good keepers. Fresh eating
Connell Red Mid October Large fruit.  Solid, sweet fruit.  Very good keepers. Fresh eating
Keep Sake Mid October Small sweet fruit. Good Keepers Fresh eating
We recommend that your freshly picked apples be stored in your refrigerator’s crisper.  While they look beautiful on the counter, a cool environment is essential for long term storage.