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Exclusively available at Dixon’s Autumn Harvest Winery.

Grampa Hard Apple Cider.jpg

Grampa Mac's
Hard Apple Cider

100% homegrown apples. Experience the clean, crisp, natural goodness of apple cider with a little kick! Refreshing and bursting with bubbly flavor.


Wine Slushies

Try one of our wine slushies! A new flavor each month :

Fionnrua (Strawberry)

Harvest Moon (Peach)

Blue Heaven (Blueberry)

Grateful Red (Pomegranate) 

Northern Lights (Green Apple)

Crisp Autumn Mist (Apple Pie)

margarita image.jpg

Sangrias & Margaritas

From great wines comes great hand-crafted sangrias and margaritas. We use only fresh ingredients & our wines to create very unique drinks that are changed on a monthly basis. 



Beer Selection

Busch Light, Bud Light, Miller Lite,
Corona Premier, Moon Man, Spotted Cow, Leinies Seasonal & Honey Weiss.

Also Serving:

Twisted Tea, Twisted Tea 1/2 & 1/2.


Coke Products

We have a variety of Coke products, along with bottled water. 


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