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Apple Hangar & Bar

Besides enjoying the rolling hillsides of the orchard - stop in at the retail location within the orchard, "The Apple Hangar Store is located what was the original owners' airplane hangar! 

The Apple Hangar Store is open in the fall on Saturday & Sundays. Weekdays the apples & cider is available right at the winery. The Apple Hangar also carries their very own fresh pressed apple cider along with other merchandise. 

Relax & enjoy the countryside at the Apple Hangar Bar offering all of your favorite wines! Available to rent for your private party. 

Champagne Apples

Dixon’s is home to our world-famous Champagne apples, a variety discovered and grown first by Fred Dixon. This golden apple with a hint of blush is a firm, good keeper. It’s sweet but spicy and juicy for baking and eating. We think you have to taste it to fully appreciate the unique taste and texture.

You will be able to taste our trademarked Champagne apples along with Courtland, Zestar, Macoun, McIntosh, and Honeycrisp apples when you visit our Apple Hangar that is open in the Fall on Saturdays and Sundays.



Apple Recipes

Are you looking for some fun things to make with apples. We have some recipes that will help make that a little easier! The Champange apple can be used in any of these recipes! 


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