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Our Wines

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Syrah, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Limited Reserve are exclusive to our winery & not available in stores. 


Our wines are available throughout Wisconsin, CLICK HERE, for a list of locations near you.

We produce wines that are light, crisp and full of fruit flavor, as well as dry red and white varieties. All of our wines are fermented in small batches (300 gal). We use apples ONLY from our orchards, Wisconsin and American-grown grapes, whole fruit and fruit juices to produce our award-winning wines. Everything from start to finish is done by hand - that is, fermented, bottled, corked and labeled by hand at our winery facility east of Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire!



Wine Slushies

Try one of our wine slushies! A new flavor each month.

Sangrias & Margaritas

From great wines comes great hand-crafted sangrias and margaritas. We use only fresh ingredients & our wines to create very unique drinks! A Must Try! 

Is wine not your thing? 

That's ok. Choose from our selection of domestic, imported, crafted, and local beers, along with a variety of sodas, and water. 

(no carry ins allowed) 

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