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On The Sweeter Side


Crisp Autumn Mist.jpg

Crisp Autumn Mist (sweet)

Perfect for a crisp night. With hints of sweetness & made with our own Honeycrisp apples, this wine offers an apple cider flavor. 

Flight of the Kiwi.jpg

Flight of the Kiwi (sweet)

Exotic! This wine blends kiwi & fresh pear flavors balanced nicely by grapes. Fun, airy & refreshing – summer in a glass! 

Harvest Moon.jpg

Harvest Moon (sweet)

Creamy, refreshing peach-flavored wine. The perfect wine for the change of seasons. Moscato fans will love this well-rounded wine. 

Merry Berry.jpg

Merry Berry (sweet)

One of our most popular wines! On the sweeter side - offering a smooth & crisp flavor followed by  a light cranberry finish.


Moscato (semi-sweet)

This beautifully structured wine expresses true varietal character. Light bodied with aromas of green apple and pears. Enjoy chilled!

Northern Lights.jpg

Northern Lights (sweet)

Enjoy our best selling wine year after year! This state wine winner has a light fruity taste with hints of fresh green apple cider with the smoothness of grapes. A perfect balance of freshness, sweetness & floral undertones. Excellent with seafood, poultry or pork. 


Shooting Star.jpg

NEW in 2023

Shooting Star (semi-sweet carbonated)

Enjoy a glass of our very own carbonated infused wine! This effervescent wine is a celebration in a bottle! With its glistening golden color and light body, this wine pairs well with any occasion!


Fall Folly.jpg

Fall Folly (sweet)

Sweet red wine with fresh and full berry undertones. A perfect choice for your desserts. Compliments dark chocolate!


Fionnrua (sweet)

“Pale Red” Refreshing & vibrant red wine. Aromas & flavors of freshly picked strawberries. Starts out crisp & tangy followed by a delicate & smooth finish. The perfect summer wine. 

Blue Heaven.jpg

Blue Heaven (sweet)

A heavenly flavor with hints of blueberries. This sweet wine is good all by itself, and can also be enjoyed with rich, creamy desserts such as cheesecake, or blended with ice cream.

Greatful Red.jpg

Grateful Red (semi-sweet)

Earthy pomegranate Zinfandel blend. Reveals jammy & zestful flavors followed by a hint of tangy spice with just the right amount of sweet.

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