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Our Story

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Nestled in the rolling hills of Chippewa Falls, Autumn Harvest Winery was the very first winery in the Chippewa Valley!


In the spring of 2021, Becky and Jim Mullane, owners of Dixon’s Apple Orchard and Wedding Venue just a few miles down the road knew the timing was perfect to expand their roots into the wine business. They purchased the winery changing the name to Dixon's Autumn Harvest Winery. 

The Mullane’s have a long, adventure-filled history of growing apples starting in 1944 in New Mexico with Becky’s grandparents, Fred and Faye Dixon. It was in New Mexico, where Fred Dixon originally cultivated what would soon become the trademark of the Dixon family, the patented Champagne Apple. The Champagne Apple has made quite the journey through fires, floods, and now to its home in Chippewa and Cadott, WI. The Champagne apple is an exclusive trademark to the Dixon’s orchards, and can only be purchased right here at the winery. 

Here at the winery, we produce all of our wines which are distributed statewide! We produce a wide variety of wines that vary from white to red and sweet to dry. Our apple wines are fermented using apples grown right in our orchard. Everything from start to finish is done right here at our own facility.

It is the perfect space to come out, relax, sip on wine, pick apples, listen to live entertainment, and catch up with the special people in your life! 

"The winery has become a popular destination for both locals & tourists alike! When you visit you will see our property is full of family & friends enjoying our wine & apples.

Our mission is a passionate pursuit of great apples, wine & entertainment."  Becky Mullane

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