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On The Dry Side


Sauvignon Blanc.jpg

Sauvignon Blanc (semi-dry)

If you’ve come to love the refreshing, subtly savory taste of Sauvignon Blanc, this one’s for you! Crisp, semi-dry, light and easy wine. Perfect pairing for many types of meat, fish or poultry.

Pinot Grigio.jpg

Pinot Grigio (dry)

This dry wine offers great character & versatility. Its clean fresh aroma is followed by pleasant hints of citrus, almond & flintiness. It is lively, refreshing & well-balanced with a long finish! Perfect pairing for fish, pastas and chicken.

Limited Reserve.jpg

Limited Reserve (off-dry)

This off - dry wine has luscious, buttery aromas almond with flavors of tropical fruits. The finish is rich and smooth with only a hint of sweetness. Serve slightly chilled.


Big Falls Red Reserve.jpg

Big Falls Red Reserve (semi-dry)

If you prefer a silky Cabernet-Sauvignon you’re going to love this rick Bordeaux-style blend. With a slight smokiness, flavor of lively black fruits, structured tannins & oaked to perfection, this wine has it all! 


Syrah (dry)

Starts on the opening palate with a punch! Full body, toasted oak flavor/ its bold caramel aromas deliver through to a full zesty peppery finish. Stricter tannis, earthy complexity. Pair with an equally bold or intense dish.

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